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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.
Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.

Trout Spoon Jackall Timon Apeed

by Jackall
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Jackall Timon Apeed - a high appeal and high-speed retrieve model that's designed to catch highly active fish immediately after release. Its name says it all: "Apeed" combines "appeal" and "speed" to create a lure that's both attractive and efficient. Whether you're fishing in the morning or after release, the Jackall Timon Apeed won't lose its balance during early retrieving, ensuring a strong appeal that's sure to attract even the most finicky fish.

This lure also boasts excellent long-distance castability and is perfect for targeting offshore fish in larger areas. Its unique spoon design allows you to chew through water and trace your target range, while its flickering effect attracts fish from a distance. Plus, with three different weights (2.3g, 2.7g, and 3.3g), you can use the Jackall Timon Apeed in any water depth, area size, or fish speed.

The 2.3g weight is perfect for slow-moving fish in small or shallow areas, while the 2.7g weight is a versatile option that can be used under any circumstances. For fast-moving fish in large or deep water areas, the 3.3g weight is your best bet. With the Jackall Timon Apeed, you'll be able to catch more fish and reel in bigger catches than ever before!