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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.
Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.


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The glue for repair, upgrading and creative design for almost every soft-bait. Not suitable for repairing Z-Man soft-baits made of ElaZtech.

Information about Fishing Glue:

Fishing Glue is a special colorless, clear glue for almost all softballs. Even the gluing of salted & flavored soft-baits succeeds without any problems. The glued area is soft and flexible. The soft bait glue does not stick neither to the skin nor to the clothes. It is easy to insert into the holes, cracks and cuts of the soft bait. Here are some application options:

  • For repairing and gluing soft baits, (expensive) swim-baits and other soft plastic baits. The soft bait "sits" again, soft and flexible! Also with smaller soft baits the repair is worthwhile if necessary. You only need a little Fishing Glue per repair!
  • New color combinations are easy to make by cutting up soft baits of different colors and sticking the different colored tails back on.
  • Soft baits can easily be lengthened or shortened by separating or inserting them. You can combine different types of soft baits.
  • Or you can now simply repair loved, especially catching rubber baits and continue to catch them!


If necessary, clean & dry the area to be bonded beforehand. Apply a sufficient amount of the adhesive on both sides and completely onto the cut surface to be bonded, into the crack or other area to be repaired, allow to dry for 5 - 10 seconds and then press firmly together. Now even smaller corrections are possible. Remove any excess adhesive immediately. Put the rubber fish down and let it dry for at least 10 minutes. Then the glued area is normal to strong durable. Basically, the longer the drying time, the more stable the connection. Therefore our recommendation is to wait at least 1 hour with highly loaded bonding and heavy rubber baits (e.g. Swim baits > 16 cm). If the jig head or hook channel is to be glued, remove the jig head before gluing & wait at least 1 hour (even longer is better) before using the soft-bait.

Storage / Shelf life:

The storage and application temperatures should ideally be 10-25°C. If stored below 5°C, the rubber fish adhesive may crystallize and may therefore not be suitable for temporary use. When heated to room temperature, however, crystallized products can be used again without restriction.