Patriot Landing Net Haava — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.
Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.

Patriot Landing Net Haava

by Patriot
Original price €39.90 - Original price €45.00
Original price
€39.90 - €45.00
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Collapsible Patriot landing net with rubber handle. Patriot landing net is especially suitable for C&R fishing. When the fish is caught, the catch can be folded and the fish kept in the water until the weighing and imaging equipment is ready. There are weighing loops for the scale in the haavi's frame, as well as the stated weight of the haiva. There is also a measuring scale up to 100 cm on the handle of the hook, so by using the same hook you can easily and effortlessly take both the measurement and the weight of the fish.

Patriot landing net is also convenient to use as a weighing bag. When the fish is in the lure, fold the lure and weigh the lure with the fish. After weighing, subtract the indicated weight of the wound from the total weight. The frame can also be "locked" from the weighing links using a fire hook, for example for temporary suffocation of the fish.

• Collapsible
• Rubber grip, 10 mm (XL); 12mm (XXL)mesh size
• Aluminum arm with 100 cm (XL); 120cm (XXL) measuring scale
• Aluminum frame with folding body
• Durable EVA handle
• Strong weighing links
• Marked on the weighing loops is the wet weight of the wound
• Total length XL: 110 cm – 180 cm; XXL: 130-210cm
• Size: XL: 70cmx60cmx50cm; XXL: 80cmx70cmx65cm