Mepps XD — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.
Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.

Mepps XD

by Mepps
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€2.29 - €4.03
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Mepps XD, a leader in the fishing industry, has perfected the design of their shaft-through-the-blade spinner. Crafted with a precision solid brass fulcrum bead, this lure spins smoothly at any retrieve speed and attracts fish as it drops. What sets the XD apart from other spinners is its strike attractor, featuring a vibrant red or fluorescent bead for increased visibility. The silver blades and bodies are plated with genuine silver, with options for gold and platinum (plaý-tee-um) for added durability and corrosion resistance. The Mepps chip-resistant proprietary blend of acrylic and epoxy finishes makes the XD reliable even in rough conditions. For targeting trophy fish, the XD runs deeper than any other lure in its class.