Keitech Swing Bait 2.8', 7cm — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.

Keitech Swing Bait 2.8', 7cm

by Keitech
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The 2.8' Swing Bait from KEITECH mimics the movement of small prey fish, making it a perfect choice for savvy anglers. Keitech Swing Bait's overall body shape, with a waisted middle and a small paddle tail, creates a subtle movement that outdoes traditional rubber fish. Predatory bass, known for their preference for natural prey, are easily lured by this bait. To ensure optimal performance, the Swing Bait is equipped with a top and bottom line for precise baiting. Experts recommend using a wide gap hook near the water's surface or in midwater to target bass, although it can also be used with a jig head or drop shot rig. The rubber mixture is infused with squid flavor, increasing the chances of predators holding onto the bait. Packaged in a blister pack, these swing baits maintain their shape, making it wise to store them in the original packaging.

Lure size: 7cm

Lure weight: 2.2g

Per package: 8pcs